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Face To Face
Face to face with Christ my Savior... Carrie E. Breck Grant Colfax Tullar
  PDF       PDF Fade, Fade, Each Earthly Joy Fade, fade, each earthly joy; Jesus is mine… Catharine Jane Bonar Lowell Mason
Fairest Lord Jesus
Fairest Lord Jesus! Ruler of all nature... 17th Century German Hymn 17th Century German Hymn
Faith Is The Victory
Encamped along the hills of light... John H. Yates Ira D. Sankey
Faith Of Our Fathers
Faith of our fathers! living still... Frederick W. Faber Henri F. Hemy
  PDF PPT       Faith Views Him Buried beneath the yielding wave, The great Redeemer lies… B. Beddome C. G. Glaser
Far And Near
Far and near the fields are teeming... John O. Thompson J. B. O. Clemm
  PDF       PDF Far From My Heavenly Home Far from my heavenly home, Far from my Father's breast... Henry Francis Lyte, 1834 W. H. Doane
  PDF       PDF Far From My Thoughts, Vain World, Be Gone Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gone; Let my religious house alone… Dr. Watts St. Albans' Tune-book
  PDF       PDF Father, Again In Jesus' Name We Meet Father, again in Jesus' name we meet... Lucy E. G. Whitmore E. J. Hopkins
  PDF         Father All Holy Father all holy, bend we so lowly, Glowing with love’s tender flame… E. E. Hewitt William J. Kirkpatrick
  PDf PPT       Father Almighty, Bless Us With Thy Blessing Father almighty, bless us with Thy blessing, Answer in love Thy children’s supplication… Berwick Hymnal Fredrich Ferdinand Flemming
  PDF PPT       Father And Friend, Thy Light Thy Love Father and Friend, Thy light, Thy love… John Bowring Henry Baker
  PDF PPT       Father, Blessing Every Seedtime Father, blessing every seedtime, And refreshing. all the soil… John S. B. Monsell Sir Arthur S. Sullivan
  PDF PPT       Father, Hear The Prayer We Offer Father, hear the pray'r we offer: Nor for ease that pray'r shall be… Love M. Willis J. B. Dykes
  PDF PPT       Father, Hear Thy Children's Call Father, hear Thy children's call; Humbly at Thy feet we fall… Thomas B. Pollock J. H. Gower
  PDF       PDF Father, I Know That All My Life Father, I know that all my life, Is portioned out for me… Anna L. Waring J. B. Dykes
  PDF       PDF Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee Father, I stretch my hands to Thee... Charles Wesley J. B. Dykes
  PDF       PDF Father In Need I Come To Thee Father, in need I come to Thee, And this shall be my earnest plea… E. E. Rexford Fredrick A. Fillmore
  PDF       PDF Father! In Thy Mysterious Presence Kneeling Father! in Thy mysterious presence kneeling... Samuel Johnson, 1846 S. M. Bixby
  PDF         Father, Lead On Take my hand, dear Father, now, Lead me on, lead me on… William H. Brown Benjamin Franklin Butts
  PDF       PDF Father Of All, Whose Love Profound Father of all, Whose love profound... J. Cooper, 1810 I. Pleyel
  PDF PPT       Father Of Heaven Father of heav'n, whose love profound A ransom for our souls hath found… Edward Cooper Henry Baker
  PDF PPT      
Father Of Mercies
Father of mercies, day by day... Fredrick W. Faber, vss. 2&3 Alice Flowerdew English Folk Melody
  PDF PPT      
Father Of Mercy
Father of Mercy, We bow before Thee... Unknown, vs. 2 George William Walton George F. Handel
  PDF       PDF Father, Son, And Holy Ghost Father, Son, and Holy Ghost... Charles Wesley J. B. Dykes
  PDF       PDF Father, We Come In The Morning Father, we come in the morning... Mrs.S.K. Bourne, 1891 S. M. Bixby
  PDF PPT       Father, We Praise Thee Father, we praise Thee, now the night is over… Latin Hymn, Attr. to Gregory the Great, Tr. by Percy Dearmer Paris Antiphoner, Arr. by La Feillèe's Nouvelle Methode
  PDF PPT       Father, We Thank Thee Father, we thank Thee for the night… Rebecca Weston Jorenson's Great Songs of the Church
  PDF PPT       Father, Whate'er Of Earthly Bliss Father, whate'er of earthly bliss Thy sov'reign will denies… Anne Steele Hans Nageli
PPT PDF PPT     PDF Fear Not, Little Flock Fear not, little flock, Says the Savior divine... Mrs. M. A. Kidder J. G. Dailey
  PDF PPT       Fight The Good Fight Father of heav'n, whose love profound A ransom for our souls hath found… John S. B. Monsell William Boyd
  PDF         Firm On The Rock I Stand Firm on the Rock I stand, Jesus, my Lord… Fanny J. Crosby Hubert P. Main
Flee As A Bird
Flee as a bird to your mountain... Mary S. Dana Spanish Air
  PDF PPT       Fling Out The Banner Fling out the banner! let it float… George W. Doane J. B. Calkin
  PDF       PDF Fling Out The Banner; Let It Float Fling out the banner; let it float Skyward and seaward, high and wide… G. W. Doane George Kingsley
  PDF PPT       Follow On Down in the valley with my Savior I would go... W. O. Cushing Robert Lowry
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF Footprints Of Jesus Sweetly, Lord, have we heard Thee calling... Mary D. C. Slade A. B. Everett
  PDF         For A Season Called To Part For a season called to part, Let us now ourselves commend… John Newton J. Pleyel
  PDF PPT       For All The Saints (Arr. 1) For all the saints who from their labors rest… William W. How Ralph Vaughan Williams
  PDF PPT      

For All The Saints (Arr. 2)

For all the saints, who from their labors rest… William Walsham How Sir Joseph Barnby
  PDF PPT       For Christ And The Church For Christ and the church” let our voices ring... E. E. Hewitt William J. Kirkpatrick
  PDF         For Me For me, for me, this holy calm… Flora Kirkland W. S. Weeden
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF For The Beauty Of The Earth For the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies... Folliott S. Pierpoint Arranged from Conrad Kocher
  PDF PPT       For The Soul That's Redeemed Homeless here the soul may rove, But a mansion waits above… James Rowe William D. Evridge
  PDF PPT       For The Summer’s Glowing Pageant For the summer’s glowing pageant, For September’s sparkling days… Susan S. Hubbell François Hippolyte Barthélémon
  PDF       PDF For Thee, Oh, Dear, Dear Country For thee, oh, dear, dear country, Mine eyes their vigils keep… J. M. Neale, Tr. P. C. Edwards, Jr.
  PDF PPT       For Thy Mercy And Thy Grace For Thy mercy and Thy grace, Constant through another year… Henry Downton Georg Christoph Strattner
  PDF       PDF Forever With The Lord (Arr. 1) “Forever with the Lord!” Amen. So let it be. Life from the dead is in that word… J. Montgomery I. B. Woodbury
PPT PDF     MUS   Forever With The Lord (Arr. 2) “Forever with the Lord!” Amen. So let it be. Life from the dead is in that word… J. Montgomery R. Schuman, Arrangement: Lowell Mason
  PDF PPT       Forgive Our Sins As We Forgive Forgive our sins as we forgive... Rosamond E. Herklots Scottish Psalter
  PDF         Forgiveness! ‘Tis A Joyful Sound Forgiveness! ‘tis a joyful sound To malefactors doomed to die… Thomas Gibbons Lowell Mason
  PDF       PDF Forward! Be Our Watchword Forward! be our watchword, Steps and voices joined … Henry Alford, 1865 F. J. Haydn
  PDF PPT       Forty Days And Forty Nights Forty days and forty nights Thou wast fasting in, the wild… George H. Smyttan Martin Herbst
  PDF       PDF Fountain Of Grace, Rich, Full, And Free Fountain of grace, rich, full, and free... James Edmeston F. M. A. Venua
  PDF       PDF Friend After Friend Departs Friend after friend departs; Who hath not lost a friend… James Montgomery C. Everest
  PDF       PDF Friend Of Sinners! Lord Of Glory Friend of Sinners! Lord of glory... Newman Hall Caryl Florio
  PDF         Friend Unseen, We Love Thee Tho’ unseen, yet still we love Thee… Fanny J. Crosby W. H. Doane
  PDF PPT       Friendship With Jesus A friend of Jesus, O what bliss That one so weak as I… J. C. Ludgate J. C. Ludgate
  PDF         From All That Dwell Below The Skies (Arr. 1) From all that dwell below the skies, Let the Creator’s praise arise… Isaac Watts George Coles
  PDF       PDF From All That Dwell Below The Skies (Arr. 2) From all that dwell below the skies... Isaac Watts G. Franc
  PDF PPT       From Every Stormy Wind (Arr. 1) From ev'ry stormy wind that blows... Hugh Stowell Thomas Hastings
  PDF PPT       From Every Stormy Wind (Arr. 2) From ev'ry stormy wind that blows... Hugh Stowell S. Wilder
  PDF PPT      
From Greenland's Icy Mountain
From Greenland's icy mountains, From India's coral strand... Reginald Heber Lowell Mason
PPT PDF     MUS   From the Cross to the Crown Look away from the cross to the glittering crown... F. L. Eiland F. L. Eiland
  PDF       PDF From The Cross Uplifted High From the cross uplifted high... J. Haweis C. H. A. Malan
  PDF       PDF From The Recesses Of A Lowly Spirit From the recesses of a lowly spirit, Our humble prayer ascends… John Bowring F. F. Flemming