Sacred Harp Songs

The Sacred Harp sheet music is available in the traditional Fa-So-La or 4-shape notation or in Do-Re-Mi or 7-shape notation.

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PDF PDF ABBEVILLE  S. M. Come, Holy Spirit, come, With energy divine... Rev. Benjaman Beddome, 1818  
PDF PDF ALBION  S. M. Come, ye that love the Lord, And let your joys be known… Isaac Watts, 1707 Psalmist, hymn 707, Boyd
PDF PDF AMERICA  S. M. My soul repeat His praise, Whose mercies are great... Isaac Watts, 1719 Whitmore, 1832
PDF PDF AUGUSTA  C. M. D. O for a shout of sacred joy To god, the sov'reign King...

 J. Young, Psalmist, hymn 248

T. W. Carter
PDF PDF AYLESBURY  S. M. The God we worship now, Will guide us till we die... Isaac Watts, 1719

James Green

PDF PDF BETHEL  C. M. O for a closer walk with God, A calm and heav'nly frame... William Cowper, 1779  
PDF PDF BLEEDING SAVIOR  C. M. Alas, and did my Savior bleed? And did my Sov'reign die... Isaac Watts, 1707 Psalmist, hymn 472.Z. Chambless
PDF PDF CHARLESTOWN 8s, 7s ”Mercy, O Thou Son of David,” Thus blind Bartimeus prayed…   Stephen Jenks, 1805
PDF PDF CHINA  C. M. Why do we morn departing friends, Or shake at death's alarms... Isaac Watts, 1707 Timothy Swann, about 1790
PDF PDF CHRISTIAN SOLDIER C. M. Am I a soldier of the cross, A follow’r of the Lamb… Isaac Watts, 1709 F. Price, 1832; Alto by S. M. Denson, 1911
PDF PDF CLAMANDA L. M. D. Say, now ye lovely social band, Who walk the way to Canaan's land…   F. F. Chopin
PDF PDF CONSOLATION  C. M. Once more, my soul, the rising day Salutes thy waking eyes… Isaac Watts, 1707 Dean
PDF PDF CORINTH  L. M. Jesus, and shall it ever be, A mortal man ashamed of Thee... Rev. Joseph Grigg, 1765

J. Messengale

PDF PDF DETROIT  C. M. Do not I love Thee, O my Lord? Behold my heart and see... Philip Doddridge, 1755 Bradshaw
PDF PDF DEVOTION  L. M. Sweet is the day of sacred rest; No mortal cares shall seize my breast… Isaac Watts, 1719 Amarick Hall, about 1811
PDF PDF DISTRESS  L. M. So fades the lovely blooming flow’r, Frail, smiling solace of an hour… Anne Steele Psalmist, hymn 1088
PDF PDF DUBLIN  C. M. Lord, what is man, poor, feeble man! Born of the earth at first…    
PDF PDF FAIRFIELD  C. M. Come, humble sinner, in whose breast A thousand thoughts revolve... Edmund Jones, 1760 Hitchcock
PDF PDF GEORGIA C. M. Return, O God of love, return, Earth is a tire-some place…    
          Arr. by B. F. White, 1844
PDF PDF HAMILTON  L. M. Come, all who love the Lord indeed, Who are from sin and bondage freed...    
PDF PDF HANOVER  C. M. Come, humble sinner, in whose breast A thousand thoughts revolve… John Newton, 1790 “Baptist Harmony” page 247
PDF PDF HOLY MANNA 8s & 7s Brethren, we have met to worship, And adore the Lord our God…   J. W. Moore